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How to Invite Candidates to Complete an Assessment Using Quick Send Assessments

Quick Send Assessments is the easiest and quickest way to invite a candidate, new or existing, to complete an assessment on PrevueHub. It lets you determine the appropriate job-fit assessment to use based on a Scope or a Position, as well as the option to include a Skills test if it is part of your Prevue license. All can be done in less than a minute!


STEP 1: Access Quick Send Assessments

Click on the <Send Assessment> menu item on the toolbar.


STEP 2: Select the Candidate You Want to Complete the Assessment

(1) If you are sending out an assessment invitation to a New Candidate, 

Select New in the "New or Existing Candidates" drop-down menu

Enter the candidate's First Name, Last Name, and Email

Click <Next>

(2) If you are sending out an assessment invitation to an Existing Candidate, 

Select Existing in the "New or Existing Candidates" drop-down menu

Select the right candidate from the list in the "Choose a Candidate" drop-down menu

Click <Next>

(3) To invite multiple candidates at once, if they are using the same Scope or Position,

Select ‘Add Another Candidate’ after filling out the details of the first candidate and repeat this process until all Candidates are listed up to maximum of 8.


STEP 3: Choose What You Want the Assessment to be Based On

There are two methods, Scope or Position, to base your assessment on. Both help determine the appropriate assessment to use on the candidate. 


STEP 4: Choose Assessment Language

The assessment will default to English. Use the language drop-down menu to change the invitation language to French or Spanish, if necessary. 


STEP 5: (Optional) Include Prevue Skills Test

Select a relevant Skills test you want to assess the candidate on. Please note that this option is only available if you have purchased our Skills license. 


STEP 6: Choose Your Assessment Details

Select from our recommended assessment section combinations or create your own.


STEP 7: Confirm Candidate and Assessment Information

Click <Next> and it will take you to a confirmation page before it sends the assessment out.


STEP 8: Send Assessment 

Click <Send> once you have verified that all the information is correct. You can always click <Back> to adjust the details, if necessary. An invitation will be sent to the candidate via email to complete the assessment.