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How to Resend an Assessment Invitation

There could be many cases where you need to provide an assessment link directly to your candidate, or if the assessment hasn’t been completed within the 7-day window and is now expired, to generate a new link entirely. 

If the candidate needs the link and the invitation has not expired:

  1. Search up the Candidate using the Universal Search or find them in the Candidates Tab.
  2. Click on the eye icon to the far right of their name.
  3. Scroll to the bottom and click ‘Copy Link’ next to ‘Assessment Link’

This will copy the link directly onto your clipboard for you to then paste in your correspondence to the candidate.

If the candidate needs a new link due to expiration:

  1. Follow the steps to send out an assessment invitation normally but, instead of New Candidate, choose Existing Candidate and select them from the available candidates in your list.
  2. Complete the steps provided in the following guide: https://help.prevuehr.com/how-to-use-quick-send-assessments