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How to Generate a Job-Fit Report

A notification will be delivered by email to you once the candidate has completed the assessment. You may click on the link in the email to view the default report, or you can log into PrevueHub and generate a report yourself.


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STEP 1: Assess Candidates on PrevueHub

Click on the <Candidates> menu item on the toolbar.


STEP 2: Select the Candidate You Would Like to Generate a Report For

A report can only be generated for completed assessments. In the Candidates dashboard, find the candidate you want and check that the "Status" is marked as Completed. Then select the check box at the top right corner of the candidate card. 


STEP 3: Generate a Report

With the check box selected, click <Generate Report> on the left panel.


STEP 4: Select Job-Fit Report

  • To run a job-fit report, select Hiring under the "What's the goal?" drop-down menu
  • In the list of reports related to Hiring, choose and select Job-Fit 
  • Click <Next>


STEP 5: Select the Information Needed to Generate the Report

  • Choose and select an available position you want the candidate to be compared to. Please note that you can only choose from positions that already have a benchmark
  • Under "Format", pick the sections that you want to show in the report. Choose Full if you want all sections (Graph, Summary, Interview) to appear in the report
  • Select the appropriate "Scope" of the assessment 
  • The report will default to English. Use the language drop-down menu to change the report language to French or Spanish, if necessary


STEP 6: (Optional) Generate Multiple Reports At Once

If you wish to generate a report for multiple candidates at the same time, take this chance to select and add more candidates. Choose from the drop-down list and click <Add>


STEP 7: Process the Request

Once you have verified that all the information is correct, click <Generate>. A report, or multiple reports, will be generated in a new tab on your web's browser. If you would like a printed copy of the report(s), click <Download PDF>.