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Best Practice Information

Learn more about the science behind the assessment, EEOC compliance, as well as other best practices

Assessment Administration: Best Human Resources practice recommends that assessments be administered to candidates in a controlled environment under the supervision of a proctor to ensure that: The person who completes the assessment is in fact the candidate. A candidate’s responses to the assessment questions are not affected by collusion with others or by other actions that would invalidate the assessment. The supervisor is able to address unexpected conditions or problems affecting a candidate and to provide reasonable  accommodation for candidates where required.

Where a candidate completes the assessments without supervision the accuracy of the results cannot be guaranteed. In such circumstances you may wish to have the candidate retake the Prevue Assessments in a controlled environment at the time they attend your offices for an interview.

Assessment Weighting: The weight given to the Prevue Assessments in any human resource selection or other high stakes decision should not exceed one-third of the total decision making process. The remainder of the process, including the candidate’s work history, interview, background checks, etc., should be considered together with the results of this report.

Ensuring Fairness: When properly administered, the use of the Prevue Assessments will help to ensure that job applicants are treated fairly without regard to race, colour, religion, sex or national origin. The Prevue Assessments have been designed and developed to conform to the human rights legislative and best practice requirements prevailing in the various countries where
the Prevue Assessments are distributed. This includes the EEOC Guidelines, the Americans With Disabilities Act, and the standards for test development published by the American Psychological Association, the British Psychological Society, and the Association of Test Publishers.