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How to Set Up Automatic Reporting

PrevueHub allows for the capability to automatically send you the reports you need for your candidate’s result, via email. Once set up, your candidate completion email will look like this:

When you ‘click here’, you will be invited to log into PrevueHub, where the report(s) you select will automatically be available to you.


How To Set Up Automatic Reporting:

  1. From your PrevueHub dashboard, select ‘Positions’.
  2. Click the eye icon next to the Position you’d like to set up automatic reporting for.
  3. Select ‘Details’ from the options on the left hand side of the screen.
  4. Toggle on the ‘Run automated reports on assessment completion’ at the bottom of the page so that it is green.
  5. Select ‘Add Report’ and select the report style you need.
  6. Confirm the Format, Scope, and Language.
  7. Click ‘Add
  8. Continue steps 5 through 7 to add additional reports.
  9. Finish by clicking ‘Save Changes’ at the top of the screen.