Upload Applications in Bulk

There is more than one way to manually add applications into the system. Using the Upload Applications in Bulk feature, you can add multiple applications into the system at once. This is an optional feature. Both the Manually Add Applicants and Upload Applicants in Bulk features must be enabled.

If you are interested in this feature, an Admin user can contact the Support Team to have it enabled on your account.

Once enabled, users will be able to add multiple resume files into the system at one time. Our resume parsing tool will then parse the resume and create a new, manually added applicant for each uploaded file. 

There are several areas to manually add applicants to the system. They all have essentially the same process, but we have given you the flexibility of accessing this feature where it's most convenient and intuitive for you. You will be able to manually add applicants individually, or in bulk, from the Add icon, the Applicants Dash and the Jobs Dash.


Uploading Multiple Resume Files

From the Add icon:

Click on the Add icon found in the header.

Select Bulk Upload Applicants.



Please see the list below to see how the various users can access this feature, once enabled.

  • Admins see all options applicable.
  • Posting Managers have the option to add jobs and applicants.
  • Non-Posting Managers have the option to add applicants.
  • Viewing Managers and Assigned users currently do not have permissions to add applicants, so these user types will NOT see the Add icon in the header (they cannot add jobs either). 


Select the job listing from the drop-down menu where you wish to add the applicant.

Click Next to proceed, or Cancel to exit without saving.

From the Applicants icon:

Click the Applicants by Job tab from the Applicants dash.


Click View for the desired job.

Click the Action button next to the job and then choose Upload Bulk Applicants.

Alternately, click the Add Applicant button from this same page.

From within the Add Applicant page, click the Upload Resume Files button.

From the Jobs icon:

From the Jobs dash on the Job Listings tab, click Action and choose Upload Bulk Applicants from the drop-down menu.

Alternately, click the Add Applicant option from the Action button and then click the Upload Resumes Files button from the Add Applicant page.

Once ANY of these options is selected, a new browser tab will open, displaying a folder where resumes will be added. 

Click the Choose a File link, or drag and drop files into the space provided.

YOU MUST SELECT MULTIPLE FILES TO UPLOAD AT ONCE. If you select a single file, subsequently added files will be replaced - not added, to the upload folder.

If you use the Choose a File option, your default folder (e.g. Downloads folder or Documents folder) will open. Navigate to the desired folder or search for the resume files you wish to upload.

If you use the drag and drop option, you can open the desired folder separately, and then select the resume files and drag them into the upload folder.

You will see a message on the folder indicating the number of files you have added to the upload folder.

Click Upload. A new message will display on the upload folder indicating that the files were successfully uploaded.

Continue this process, as needed, until all resumes are uploaded. You will need to refresh the upload file page each time you wish to upload another group of files.

eviewing and Editing Bulk Manually Added Applications 

Parsed resumes will be assigned a new application ID and will be added to the applicant list for the selected job.

The new applicants are considered Manually Added Applications. They have the same functionality as other Manually Added Applications. This includes the ability for users to edit the application, for the applicant to access their profile, etc.

Applicants added using this feature will have a Manually Added application label on the applicant list.


  1. If the resume does not contain an email address it will not create an application.
  2. If the resume has image contents instead of text contents it will not create an application.

Click into an application record to view the parsed information from the resume. 

Applicants will have a note in the Timeline on the application record showing who added the record and a timestamp of when the record was added.

Since not all information needed for your application may be found on the resume, or may be parsed from the resume, a note will appear under sections like Employment and Education History that the application may be partially complete.


If you need to edit the application after adding it, you can do this by clicking on the edit option in the section that needs to be revised. Click the Edit link near the applicant's name to update the profile information. Or click the pencil or trash can icons in each section of the Application tab. You may also click the Add button in each section to manually add a new record.

Depending on the settings for your account, you may also be able to Complete EEO for this Application (US only), or Send Invite to Applicant to Complete Application.

Common Questions

When would I use this feature?

You might wish to use this feature for times when you have a large group of resumes to add into the system. This might be for new users in PrevueAPS, if you host a job fair or other event that generates a large number of resumes, or have applicants who just turn in a resume.

How can I get this feature enabled?

An Admin user can contact the Support Team and request the Bulk Manually Added Apps feature be enabled.

Is there an extra charge for this feature?

This feature is available at no additional charge for clients with Standard and Premium subscriptions.

How can I select multiple resumes, especially if they're not listed together?

Once you open the desired folder, hold down the modifier key on your keyboard (usually control, option or command button) while choosing files to select multiple files at once. The Control (Ctrl) and Alt keys are typically found on Windows keyboards, while the Command (Cmd) and Option keys are typically found on keyboards designed for Macs.

I tried to upload applicants in bulk and they aren't appearing, why not?

Here are two possible things that might cause the bulk upload feature to not appear to be working correctly.

  1. From the upload window where the files are actually uploaded, be sure to click the Choose a file link first - don't just click on Upload. Essentially, you have to have something to upload before the system can upload it.
  2. A file that is essentially a picture that has been saved as a word document or a PDF file will not parse. This is because the file is really just an image. Scanned images and pictures taken from a smartphone, for example, will not work. Be sure that the file is a document file that has been saved in an approved format.