Reset Application to Incomplete (Application Editing)

This is an optional features that gives users the ability to send an application back to a candidate so that they can make updates or changes. This is most commonly used when an applicant needs to correct a mistake or needs to update their application with new information.

An Admin user can contact the Support Team to enable this feature on your account. If you are a manager or an assigned user, contact your Admin to give you permission to reset applications to incomplete. This can be enabled in your user profile area by an Admin.

Reset Application to Incomplete

Once the Reset Application feature has been enabled on your account, you can select any application within ApplicantPro to send back an application. There is an option in the Actions dropdown menu that says Reset Application to Incomplete.

When you reset the application, it sends it back to the applicant to make any changes. This means that you will no longer have access to the application until they submit it again. When you click on that link, a window will come up showing you a preview of the email that will be sent to the applicant. You can add any additional notes.

Click Preview Email to view the outgoing email to the applicant, if desired. If you have included any notes, they will appear in the email preview.

Click Reset Application to send the email to the applicant and to complete resetting the application. 

Click Close to exit without saving.

When you click on Reset Application, the application will move to incomplete applications pool and is accessible under the Incomplete Apps tab (if you have access).

Once the application is reset to incomplete, the applicant will then receive the following email.

Set to Complete from Incomplete Apps Tab

Users with access to the Incomplete Apps tab have the ability to mark an applicant from Incomplete to Complete. This makes the applicant accessible to all users, as usual, regardless of how much information the applicant has provided so far.

Below is a brief description of how the system functions for some specific situations using the Reset to Incomplete and Set to Complete features.

  1. If an applicant is in the Incomplete Apps tab and a user sets them to complete, the application in the applicant's account on the career site will show Incomplete - Continue. Within the system, the applicant will still show complete, but the applicant will still be able to enter the application and add information, if desired. However, no email is sent to the applicant stating it was set to complete or asking them to finish the application. This will prevent confusion if an applicant started their application and went back later to finish it but was set to complete by the client in the meantime. If this happens, and the applicant finishes the application, an email is sent to the client user who set them to complete, notifying them that additional information has been added. 
    **Note** This was how the system has always functioned, but with our recent updates it was undone and so we have corrected it.
  2. If an applicant is in the Incomplete Apps tab and a client user sets them to complete, the application in the applicant's account on the career site will show Incomplete - Continue (just like above). If it is a 2-stage application, and the applicant never actually completed the 1st stage, they will be taken to the 1st stage if they click Continue from their profile. However, if the user clicks the Invite to Complete, the applicant will then be taken to the full application so that HR doesn't have to invite them twice to get all of the information from the applicant.
  3. Applicants that are set to complete for a job that is closed will see the Incomplete - Time Expired status when they log into their account on the career site. They will not be able to complete the application.
  4. If an applicant is set to complete, the Reset to Incomplete option will NOT show in the Actions drop-down until the applicant has actually completed their application.


Common Questions

Can I add instructions to tell the applicant specifically why their application has been reset?

Yes. Once you click on the Reset Application to Incomplete option, you can click the Preview Email button to see the message you are sending to the applicant. You will know what instructions they receive. You will also see an area to add further instructions or a note to the email. You can put anything you want here. However this is not a template, so by default, this box will show up as blank.

Can managers and assigned users use the Reset Application to Incomplete feature?

Yes. An Administrator can give access to this feature on an individual User basis. You can enable it for one User and not for another by going to the Users section and setting the toggle on.

Is there any way to reset the application and not have it disappear?

No. Both you and the applicant cannot have access to make changes on the application at the same time. This is a convenience factor so changes aren’t made to an application without your knowledge or after their status has been set.

Can I change the instructions on the email that goes out to the applicants when I reset their application?

No. The only modifiable part is the email note area. The rest of the email instructions are set and cannot be changed.