Posting Manager Process

This user guide explains the accessibility for the Posting Manager role. This user has access to manage applicants and post jobs within their assigned business unit(s). Admin users and Job Posting Managers are the only users who can post jobs. Job Posting Managers must be given permission to create Job Templates and Job Questions. 


Home Page

You will be taken directly to your default homepage. Select the different icons across the top and in the 3 Gears icon to navigate through the PrevueAPS system.


In this section you are able to view, status, manually add, edit and add notes to applications for jobs in your assigned department(s). 

Search for applicants using the All Applicants tab or the Applicants by Job tab. Use the dropdowns to filter which applicants you view or to determine how applicants are sorted. You can change any filter criteria and click Filter to update the results. Active, qualified Applicants for the last 90 days will show by default. By clicking the Show Sent Emails box, you can view which email templates have been sent to the applicants displayed. Status applicants individually, or en masse, from this screen.


Using the Applicants by Job tab allows you to review applicants by Job. Click View to open a dashboard for a specific job. Check the Show Conversion Data box to display conversion percentages for each job. 


Click the Job Title or click the View button to the left of the job listing to view applicants. Use the dropdowns to filter which applicants you view or to determine how applicants are sorted. Use the Add Applicant option to manually add an applicant to the job, if you have been granted access to do so.  


Click Action>View to go into an individual applicant record.
1. Applicant Filter:
Use this section to filter results, similar to filtering on the main applicant pages. Adjust the filters and click the Filter button.
2. Applicant Profile Information:
This section shows the applicant's contact information. Click (edit) to edit the applicant's profile information. This will change the information for EVERY application for this applicant.
If enabled, choose a star to rate the applicant.
3. Application Information:
This area will look different, depending on the features enabled on your account.
Click on the tabs and labels to navigate through the application information.
If any integrations are enabled on your account, you will be able to click on the tabs and initiate other functions like background checks, assessments, onboarding, etc.
4. Action Buttons:
When viewing the application, you will find buttons at the upper right to do different tasks.
  • Send Message: Text or Email the applicant.
  • Add Note: Add a note on the application, or add a note and change a status simultaneously.
  • Print: Print the application.
  • Action: Includes a variety of other actions you can do with the application record, some features are optional.
5. Application Status:
You can status an individual application using the Application Status drop-down menu. If you hover over any given status, and if the status has an assigned description, the description will appear to help you determine the appropriate status selection. 
6. Timeline:
This area tracks any changes to the application, including notes, actions and emails/texts sent. There are 3 different views of Timeline/Other Applications. An Admin user can contact the Support Team to change the view for all users in the organization. 
7. Other Applications:
This area displays any other applications this candidate has submitted. 
8. Help Center:

There are 3 different ways to use the Help Center to quickly find answers to your questions.

  • Need Help?: Begin typing any word or phrase to search our entire Help Center.
  • Common Questions: Click this button to see a filtered list of commonly searched articles based on the page you're on.
  • Featured Articles: Click any of the featured article buttons to see the most commonly searched articles based on the page you're on and your user type.

Review this content for more information on processing applicants and the New Applicant dashboard.

Link to Job Info

An arrow icon is displayed next to the Job Title within the application record. This enables you to quickly access details from the Job Listing and Requisition (if applicable).
Hover over the arrow icon to see basic details from the Job Listing.
Click the arrow icon to open a separate preview page with the Career Site Description and Job Details.
If the job listing is linked to a Requisition, an additional section called Job Requisition Details section is also displayed.


In this section, you are able to view and edit job listings in your assigned department(s). If enabled for your account, you may also be able to Create and Edit Job Questions (optional) and Create and Edit Job Templates (optional).

Click on the Action button and select Edit to open the job description that applicants see when applying for the job, or select Job Board Push to push the job to the job boards.  

You can also use the Action button to the left of the Job Title to View Applicants, Manually Add Applicants (optional), or to run Source, Status or Job Questions Reports.  

You can also find mass update options at the bottom of the page. Click View Applicants>Action>View to open up an individual’s application. 

Click on the gray +New Job Listing button to add a new job listing. 


Click on the All Applicants tab to view a list of all applicants for all of the job postings in your assigned department(s). Use the dropdowns to filter which applicants you can view, click the refresh button to view these applicants.

For more information on posting your job, refer to the Creating Job Listings, Posting to Job Boards and Job Board Favorites - Premium User Guides.


My Account

In this section, you are able to view and edit your account information.  If you would like to update/change your username and/or password for the ApplicantPro system you can type in the new username/password in the directed field(s) and then click on Save Changes.

You can also set your default landing page/s in this area. For more information, click here for the Editing My Account/Profile user guide.


My Spotlights (optional)

The Lightbulb icon will show any applicants that have been spotlighted for you by other users in your organization.  You can view active and/or inactive spotlights by clicking the arrow next to Active.  Click on each listed applicant to open their application. (If Spotlights is not enabled on your account, an Admin can contact the Support Team to enable it.)


Incomplete Apps Tab (optional)

Admin users can limit access to the Incomplete Apps tab for each manager. Assigned users do not have access to view the Incomplete Apps tab. If you have access to this tab, review the Incomplete Applicants Tab User Guide for more information.


Communication Inbox

Review the Communication Inbox user guide or video for information on this feature.


Requisitions (optional)

If you have Requisitions enabled on your account, refer to the Creating Requisitions user guides for additional information.


Common Questions

Why would I make a user a posting manager?

Posting Managers have access to post jobs. If you have a manager that should not have access to reporting information, the settings or user sections, but still needs to post jobs, this is the user type you want to use.

Can I restrict a manager to access to jobs instead of departments?

Yes, you can for Non-Posting Managers and Viewing Managers, but not for Posting Managers. Job Posting Managers are granted access by department only. For Non-Posting and Viewing managers, simply check the box that says “This manager is assigned specific job listings.” For more information, refer to the Assign Managers by Job, Instead of by Business Unit User Guide.

What is the difference between a posting manager and an assigned user?

Both Non-Posting Managers and Assigned Users, as well as Admin users and Posting Mangers, essentially have the same access to applications. Once they pull up an application you will see similar options in Actions, Timeline, and application information. A manager’s access is different based on how many applications they have access to, as they are restricted based on department. An Assigned User only gets access to applications they are specifically assigned. Posting Managers have access to post jobs just like an Admin user.