Posting a Job

To post a job you must first log in to the Admin Area using your username and password.


Step One

Move your mouse over the Add icon at the top of your screen, and click on the Add New Job option that appears.


Step Two

A window will pop up giving the option to choose a saved job template or create a new job template if it doesn’t show on the list. Choosing New Job Template will pull up a blank form requesting the job information, and will automatically save as a new job template option once posted.


Step Three

Complete the Ad Job Listing form.

  • Job Listing Notes: This area provides a space for users to add notes that are only seen internally. This information is not viewable for applicants.
  • Career Site Ad Title: Located under the Job Title and Description for Career Site section, this is where you enter the job title that will display on your career site. You have the option of using a different job title on the next page if they want to change it for the job boards.
  • Career Site Ad Description: This is the job description that will display on the career site.
  • Embed Video Code: You have the option of adding a video embed code if you want to include a video that displays under the job description.
  • Upload Full Job Description: If you have a lengthy legal job description or a description in a word document, you can attach it here and it will display as a link in the job description details for job seekers to view.
  • Start and End Date: This is what determines the amount of time a job will be viewable on the career site and job boards.
  • Pay Rate & Pay Type: Users can add specific pay/salary information in this area if desired. If it's not already included in their description, anything entered here will make it easy for applicants to see because it's included in a heading area.
  • Benefits: This is also optional and will display specific benefit information in a heading that makes it stand out.
  • Employment Type: You can choose to associate an Employment Type with the job listing. By clicking on "Add New", you can add custom employment types.
  • Department: This is a required field that will associate a department with the job being posted. This is essential because it is widely used in reporting and determines access for any managers who are set up as an additional user in the system. You can add additional departments within the job listing by clicking on "Add New".
  • Classification: Additional classification tracking if needed. This is optional and can be added to by clicking on the "Add New" link.
  • Notification Email: This gives you the ability to be notified by email about each completed application per job. You can choose to be notified or you can notify other users in the system. By clicking on "Add New", you can add additional email addresses that are not already included on the available list. They also have the option to create groups of email addresses.
  • Exempt: From the dropdown menu, you have the choice to select if the job is exempt or not.
  • Job Questions Group: You can choose a job questions group that was previously created. Job specific screening questions will be answered by all applicants who apply to this job.
  • Job Listing Location: The user will specify a job location that will display on the career site. You have the option of choosing a different city for where the jobs are posted to external job boards on the next page.


Once all of the required information has been entered, the user has two options on how they want to proceed with posting their job. Clicking on "Save and Proceed to Advertising" will post the job on the career site and Indeed as well. Additionally, it directs the user to the next page to select additional job boards that they would like to push their jobs to.

If you have any questions please contact