New Applicant Dashboard Update (as of May 2017)

Each section below outlines the recent updates to the Applicant Dashboard. Access to these sections is determined by your User Type. Please refer to the specific user guide for your role for more information.

All Applicants Tab

This tab provides more intuitive access to your entire applicant pool! The All Applicants tab is the new landing page for the Applicant Dashboard. Recent enhancements to the All Applicants tab include the ability to view applicants for more than one job at a time and a Date Range default filter that pulls applicants who have applied in the last 90 days. There is also a filter to search for applicants by Department.

Click the applicant's name, or Action>View to the left of the applicant's name, to go to the applicant record.

Applicants by Job Tab

The Applicants by Job tab allows you to view an applicant pool for a specific job. This tab mimics the old Applicant Dashboard landing page. Job details have been added under the job title to further help identify the correct job when you have a list of active jobs with the same job title. 

Click on the Show Conversion Data toggle within the filter to see your applicant conversion rates on each job. The columns will show how many times the job has been viewed, how many candidates started an application for that job and how many finished the application.

If you are using optional custom fields to further categorize your jobs listings, these details are viewable on the Applicants by Job tab by selecting the toggle Show Custom Fields within the filter. The system will remember this user preference if selected, so the next time you land on this page it will be auto-selected.

Click the job title, or click the View button to the left of the job listing, to go to the list of individual applicants that applied for that job.

Viewing Applicants by Job

View more data at-a-glance to screen your applicants faster! From the Applicants by Jobs tab, select the View button. Easy-to-read tags allow you to see certain actions that have taken place on each applicant. Narrow down your applicant pool by selecting to view applicants that are assigned certain statuses, or adjust your date range. Use the Star Rating (optional) feature to quickly recall which candidates rank highly among your team. 

This area is now showing applicants in pages. If your search yields more than 200 applicants, use the Next and Prev buttons to navigate through the list of applicants. You can now sort by the Average Star Rating in the Sort By drop-down. If you are using our SelectiveHiring assessments, you can now sort by the SelectiveHiring score from the Sort By drop-down. 


**Note** The date range has a default range of job listing Start Date through the current date. 


The former tabs are now options under the Actions button. Click Actions to access the Manually Add ApplicantSource ReportStatus ReportJob Questions Report, and SelectiveHiring Report (if SelectiveHiring assessments are enabled on your account) options for each job listing.  

The former Sent Emails option is now accessible by selecting the Show Sent Emails toggle in the View Applicants filter. Selecting this toggle will show a history of email templates sent to each applicant directly below the applicant's name.

The former Find an Applicant option is now easily accomplished by using the Search tool shown in the image below. Search for applicants within the selected job listing by name, email, phone number or keyword.

Incomplete Applicants Tab

The Incomplete Apps tab (optional) has been moved from Reports to the Applicant Dashboard. Provide your hiring managers access to this tab within their user setup. The filter to search for applicants by Department also appears on this tab.

 **Note** If you do not have the permissions to view the Incomplete Apps, you will not see this tab. Ask your administrator about this feature.  

Common Questions

Can I change the default tab I land on in the Applicant Dashboard?

Yes; you can change your default settings at any time in your My Account settings under the 3 Gears icon.

Can I filter by more than one job or status?

Yes! Hold the Ctrl button while you make your selections. This will allow you to select multiple jobs or statuses when you filter. (If you have changed your hotkey settings, you will need to choose the correct corresponding button instead.)