Manually Adding Applicants

There are times when you will want to manually add an applicant to the system. This could include when a job seeker drops off or emails a resume to you for consideration, you are searching for passive candidates, you've had a job fair, your organization acquires another organization and you need to add in their application history, etc. This feature enables you to do just that!

This is an optional feature. If you do not see this feature enabled on your account, an Admin user can contact the Support Team to have the Allow User Added Applications enabled on your account.

There are several areas to manually add applicants to the system. They all have essentially the same process, but we have given you the flexibility of accessing this feature where it's most convenient and intuitive for you. You will be able to manually add applicants from the Applicants Dash, the Jobs Dash and using the Add icon.

Adding Applicants from the Add Dashboard

Click on the Add icon found in the header.

Click Add Applicant.

Reference the Bulk Upload Applicants user guide for information on this option.

Reference the Creating Job Listings user guide for information on Adding a New Job.

Please see the list below to see how the various users can access this feature, once enabled.

  • Admins see all options applicable.
  • Posting Managers have the option to add jobs and applicants.
  • Non Posting Managers have the option to add applicants.
  • Viewing Managers and Assigned users currently do not have permissions to add applicants, so these user types will NOT see the Add icon in the header (they cannot add jobs either).

Select the job listing from the drop-down menu where you wish to add the applicant.

Click Next to proceed or Cancel to exit without saving.

You will then see an option to complete the applicant's contact details. Fill out as much information as you can. Fields marked with an "*", such as email, are required to create the new applicant.

  • Email Address: This is required to be able to manually add an applicant. This is the email address that will be used to send further instructions to, and communicate with, the applicant. 
  • Default Password for the new Applicant Profile: The default password will be first initial, last name and current year (ex. jsmith2017).
  • Application Type: Choose whether this applicant is an external applicant (not currently employed by your organization) or if they're an internal applicant (a current employee applying to a new job within the organization)
  • Applicant's Name: Fill in the applicant's first and last name as it should appear on the application. 
  • Address and Contact Number: Fill out the applicant's address and phone number if you have them. 

**Note** You do not have to have all the applicant's information (i.e. address, phone number, etc.) when you add the applicant. The applicant will be able to update that information when they log in to complete the application. You can always edit the applicant record later.

When you click Add Applicant, the system will add this new application to your applicant pool. 

Click the new View New Application button at the bottom of the form if you wish to be taken to the new application.

Scroll down to the Editing a Manually Added Application section below for instructions on updating the application record.

Or, if you would like to add another applicant, click the Close button and repeat this process. 

Adding Applicants from the Applicants Dashboard

Click on the Applicants icon found in the top header.


Click on the Applicants by Job tab.

Click the View button next to the Job Title for the job to which you're adding the applicant.

Click the Add Applicant button to begin adding an applicant to the applicant pool for the selected job.

You will then see the Add Applicant form. Complete the applicant's contact details and follow the instructions described above. 


Adding Applicants from the Jobs Dashboard

Click on the Jobs icon found in the top header.

Locate and select the Job Listings tab. 

Click the Action button next to the Job Title for the job to which you're adding the applicant.

Click Manually Add Applicant to begin adding an applicant to the applicant pool for the selected job.

You will then see the Add Applicant form. Complete the applicant's contact details and follow the instructions described above. 


Adding Applicant System Messages 

If an applicant has already started or completed an application for the SAME job, and you do not have the Multiple Applications feature allowed on your account, you will see the following message:

"Applicant's name (applicant's email) already has an application started or completed for this job listing. Use the Name Search Report to view the application details for this applicant."  The text 'Name Search Report' is a link to the report where they can easily click to view the results for that email address and go to the application.

If you try to Add Applicant, you will get an error message that reads:

"You must select a different email address."


If the applicant's email is already in PrevueAPS, you will see the following message and can decide if you wish to continue adding the applicant to the job listing.

This appears if the applicant has already started or completed an application for another job with your organization, or another job with any PrevueAPS client.

This also applies if the Enable Multiple Applications feature is enabled on your account, and you attempt to add an applicant to a job they've ALREADY applied for.

"Applicant's name (applicant's email) already has an application started or completed for this job listing. You can override this and create a new application by clicking the "Copy Applicant to Position" button below. To locate the existing application, use the Name Search report.

Note: Adding a previous applicant this way will pull application data from their MOST recent application. Use the copy feature within the exact application if you want to pull in the exact details of that specific application."

The text 'Name Search Report' is a link to the report where they can easily click to view the results for that email address and go to the application.


**Note** As a reminder, the email address is the unique identifier for applicants in the system. If you begin adding an applicant and the system recognizes the email address as being part of an applicant's profile, you will get the message. The applicant can exist ANYWHERE in PrevueAPS - not necessarily as an applicant for YOUR organization. You can choose to Copy the applicant to the position or you can simply click the Add Applicant button to start a "from scratch" application.


Editing a Manually Added Application

Applicants added using this feature will have a Manually Added application label on the applicant list.


Click into an application record by clicking Action>View.

Applicants will have a note in the Timeline on the application record showing who added the record and a timestamp of when the record was added.

Since not all information required for the application was entered, a note will appear under sections like Employment and Education History that the application may be partially complete.


Click on the edit option in each section that needs to be revised. Click the Edit link near the applicant's name to update the profile information. Or click the pencil or trash can icons in each section of the Application tab. You may also click the Add button in each section to manually add a new record.


Depending on the settings for your account, you may also be able to Complete EEO for this Application (US only), or Send Invite to Applicant to Complete Application.


A note will appear on the application Timeline indicating you invited the applicant to complete the application.


Choosing Send Invite to Applicant to Complete Application will generate an email to the applicant with a link that will give them access to the application so they can complete it themselves.


An App Invite tag will appear as a colored bubble in the Application Tags section and on the same row for the applicant on the View Applicants page. 

Hover your cursor over the tag to view the date the invite to complete was sent.
When the applicant has completed the application, the user who invited the applicant to complete will receive an email notification.
A check mark will appear at the front of the tag when the applicant has completed the application.


Common Questions

How can I make the applicant fill out the rest of the information to a manually added application?

The Actions button drop-down menu within the application record provides two options. First, you can use the Send Invite to Applicant to Complete Application option. This option will leave the application on file and then once the applicant has finished the application and submitted, the rest of the application information will populate. Second, you can Reset the Application to Incomplete (if available) and the applicant will get an email telling them to go finish their application. Resetting to incomplete will move the application into the Incomplete Applicants pool until the application has been resubmitted. 

It says the applicant has already applied for this position, but I can't find them. Where are they?

You cannot add an applicant to a job where they already have an application - even if that application is incomplete - unless the "Enable Multiple Applications" feature is enabled on your account. Check the Incomplete Apps tab (if enabled) and search for that applicant. If they have started an application for that job, they will need to either finish the application on their own, or you can "Set to Complete" from the Incomplete Apps tab (depending on your permission settings).

Can I upload a document to a manually added applicant?

Yes; you can upload files, fill out their employment, education, reference, and additional question information once you add them as an applicant.

Can I manually add an internal applicant?

Yes; choose Internal Applicant for the Application Type when manually adding an applicant and it will be tagged as "internal" and connected to the internal application setup for the job. 

What if I don't have an email address for the applicant?

If you do not have an email address for an applicant, you can enter a "placeholder" email address such as: This can be edited at a later date.
We do recommend strongly that you reach out and try to get an email address, or invite the applicant to create an email account (it literally takes just a few moments). The system ties all applications together using the applicant's email address.