Increasing Quantity of Applicants

Not getting enough applicants? There are other options besides just spending more money.

Every day we have clients come to us looking for additional job boards to post their jobs on. Their thinking goes, if we just take their ad, and push it to more places, then suddenly a bunch of people will find their job and apply, solving all of their hiring woes.

You could certainly try posting to other job boards like CareerBuilder, SnagaJob, Monster, etc., but before you go and spend all of your budget, perhaps you could try one of these other options that have been proven to drive additional applicants for little to no cost. Here are three steps you can use to increase applicant traffic without spending extra money.

Step One: Increase Job Views

What is this:

A "view" is counted every time that a job seeker clicks from a job board and lands on one of your job listings on your career site.  For example, clicking from over to "" would count as 1 view.  It is important to remember that views equal how many applicants viewed the description on the actual career site. Many applicants never go to this area as they are brought in directly through quick apply boards, etc. We sort out multiple views by the same person by filtering based on IP address.

Job views can almost always be improved.  The more views you generate, the more chances you have to convert these job seekers into applicants.


How to Measure Views:

The applicant dashboard automatically displays how many people have viewed each of your jobs during a given period of time. Admin users can also use the Application Analytics report in the Standard Reports area to get a better view of this data.


Ideas for Improvements:

Improving the number of views that your jobs generate is a 3-step process:

  1. If your job ad is older than 2-3 months, you may want to close it and post a new version. Job boards give greater "weight" to newer jobs which helps them rank higher and display first. Older jobs will lose priority and drop in ranking priority.
  2. Make sure you are targeting the right keywords. Use common phrases the job seeker would use when searching for a job. Avoid "specialty" job titles like "Cleaning Specialist" if you're looking for a Janitor. Make a list of potential keywords that you think job seekers would search for when looking for a job similar to the one you are advertising.  Next, run sample searches on the job boards and see how many results come back. You can also look at competitors' ads for alternative words that they are targeting. You want to target as many potential phrases as possible such as both "accounting" and "accountant".  Also make sure that you spell out abbreviations such as "Part Time".
  3. Length of ad:  Ads should be long enough to give the job seeker enough information to want to learn more, but not so long that they lose interest or don't even bother reading the job description. Generally, job ads pushed to job boards should be 300 to 500 words long.  


Step Two: Increase Application Start Conversion

What is this:

Application starts is a count of how many job seekers click on the Apply button to start the application.


Ideas for Improvement:

  1. Make sure that your career site job description motivates job seekers to apply.  Keep in mind, it is ok to include duties and qualifications, but your first paragraph should generally be about why a job seeker should want the job. Include things such as culture, environment, flexibility, advancement potential, etc.
  2. Remember that job descriptions should be between 300 to 500 words. If you must include your legally reviewed job description, try including it as a link that job seekers can click on to download instead of copying it into the job description box. Our Job Ad Writing team can really help with this! Contact the Support Team for more information on this. Your first ad rewrite is free!
  3. Target the applicants in the right place: Just like you don't cast a net into the ocean to look for trout, you shouldn't be advertising your jobs on every job board. Entry-level jobs are more likely to get views on social media channels, while highly skilled positions and management positions will do better on LinkedIn and industry-specific boards.

Step Three: Increase Application Completion Conversion

What is this:

An application complete is counted when a job seeker fills out all of the required questions on your application and reaches the "thank you" page. You cannot see applicants' information until they reach this point unless you have access to see the "Incomplete Apps" tab, so job seekers who don't reach the thank you page are not being considered for employment with your company.


Ideas for Improvement:

You can improve the percentage of people who complete your application through one or more of the following methods:

  1. Check your Job Questions. If your job questions are too direct or negative, job seekers may leave the process having determined that they aren't a fit for the job. This may not be a bad thing, but can be improved by changing yes/no type questions to multiple choice. Instead of asking "Do you have a BS Degree" ask "What is your highest level of completed education?" Instead of asking "Do you have 3 years of sales experience?" ask "How many years of sales experience do you have?" and offer multiple choice options for them to select from.
  2. If your application process is too long, or you are asking job seekers to jump through too many unnecessary hoops, they are likely to drop out of the application process. One easy way to fix this is to switch to our 2-Stage application process, where you have job seekers fill out the first stage or a "shorter" application initially (job questions, resumes, EEO, source) and then have only the applicants that you would like to interview return to complete the remainder of your application (2nd stage) so you get your full application. Other options are to simply reduce the number of questions you are asking, or even adjust the instructions in each section to make them easier for the job seekers to understand. We have seen great success with this method with many of our clients and we highly recommend trying it.