Incomplete Notification Reminder Email

There are many reasons why an applicant may start an application and not finish it. For example, the applicant may be applying during a lunch break and runs out of time, their internet connection may be interrupted, they may get interrupted by a child or a co-worker, they may get a job offer from another organization in the meantime, etc. We strive to limit those reasons that are within our control, however, it is common to have at least a few incomplete applications.

Our goal is to get you as many completed applications as possible, so PrevueAPS will automatically send out a system-generated email to those applicants reminding them to complete the application.

Key Functions

  1. This function is enabled by default for all clients.
  2. There are 2 reminders that will go out automatically. By default, these are 2 days and 7 days after an applicant has started an application, but has not completed it. If the applicant completes the application during this timeframe, the system will not send out the email/s.
  3. These reminders will only go out if the job is open. The system checks to see if the job is closed before sending out notifications.
  4. The emails sent out by the system will be displayed on the application Timeline noted as "System Generated". 
  5. Admin users can edit the content of the outgoing email from the Email Templates tab under Settings. By default, this template is titled "Incomplete Application Notification/Reminder".
  6. From the link within the email, the applicant will be taken directly into the application if it has been less than 14 days since they applied. If it has been more than 14 days, the link will take them to the login page.
  7. The reminders sent out by PrevueAPS will go out automatically, there is nothing you need to do. 
  8. Other users can send out this same template if desired, but remember that the applicant doesn't want to be inundated with messages. You may want to consider a separate reminder that is worded differently or consider sending a text message instead.

Common Questions

When will system generated reminders get emailed to the applicant?

Two email reminders are set to go out by default. The first email will go out 2 days after an applicant starts an application. The second one is set to go out 7 days after the applicant starts an application. If the applicant completes the application during this timeframe, the system will not send out the email.

Will the reminder go out if the job closes?

No; the system checks to see if the job is open and incomplete notifications will not be sent if the job is closed. However, if the job is open when the notification is queued, and then the job closes organically or is closed manually, the emails will still go out.

Can I change these settings?

Yes; an Admin user can contact the Support Team to change the days the reminders are set to go out. However, we recommend that you leave the default settings in place.