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How to Send a Concurrent Study Invitation Using Quick Add

The following How To Guide will show you how to send a Concurrent Study invitation email using the Quick Add option. A Concurrent Study gathers assessment results from the top performers in a position to create a benchmark for this position. You have have at least two assessments completed by top performers to create a COncurrent Benchmark Study.

When a Concurrent Study is used to create a benchmark, the results of the selected assessments are compiled and used to calculate the ideal benchmark for each scale that the Prevue Assessment measures. By gathering data from employees in your own organization, Prevue helps you to create a reliable and highly customized benchmark for the position. After the results are compiled, disagreements between concurrent candidates can be resolved using the ‘Benchmark Development Report’ as a guide. This How To Guide will take you through each step of how to invite Candidates to a Concurrent Study using the Quick Add feature.


STEP 1: Access the Position or Create a New Position

Hover over the <Positions> menu title and then click <Position List>. Click on the magnifying glass icon beside the position to access the Position Details.

If you are sending out a Concurrent Study invitation for a new Position, please follow the steps in the How To Guide – How to Create a Position before moving on to Step 4 in this guide.


STEP 2: Accessing the Concurrent Study Tab

Click on the ‘Concurrent Study’ tab to access the Quick Add area where you will be entering the Concurrent Study participants’ information.


STEP 3: (Optional) Customizing the Concurrent Study Invitation and Status Email

Prior to adding a new participant to the Concurrent Study through the ‘Quick Add’ bar, you may want to customize the Invitation Email and/or edit the settings for the Status Email.  If you do not need to customize or adjust these settings, please skip to Step 5.

To customize the invitation & status email, ensure that you are first on the ‘Concurrent Study’ tab within Position Details.

  1. Click on <Edit Settings> located next to the <Add Participants> button in the center of the page.

Note: The system defaults to automatically send the Invitation email when candidates are added to the Concurrent study. The Status emails are also set to go out automatically when a Concurrent Study participant completes the assessment.

  • To customize either the Invitation or Status email, click on <View Email> and follow the following steps:
  • Click ‘Customize’ at that top to change the default settings to be select/change the recipient of the invitation email:
    • Send To Activity Owner – sends assessment email to owner of a specific Activity
    • Send To Candidate – sends assessment email to the participant of the Concurrent Study
    • Send To Candidate Owner – sends assessment to the person sending out the Concurrent Study invitation email
    • If the recipient is not a login in PrevueOnline.com, type in the email address(es) in the ‘To:’ field below (separate multiple addresses with a semicolon)
  • Select the ‘From’ Address: You can change the ‘From’ address to the system standard address (info@prevueonline.com). Leaving the ‘From’ set to Send from Activity Owner, will still send the email from info@prevueonline.com, but if the candidate responds then they will reply to the Position Owner’s email address.
  • Click ‘Customize’ in the middle of the page to edit the ‘Subject’ or body of the email (Note: starcodes may be used in these fields)
  • Save the Email: To save the changes you made, click on <Save & Close>.
  • Click <OK> to return to the Concurrent Study main tab.


STEP 4: Using Quick Add to Invite a New Concurrent Study Participants

The ‘Quick Add’ feature allows you to invite Concurrent Study participants to complete the assessment for a specific position. Once the participant(s) complete the assessment, the results will be used to build a Concurrent Study benchmark (see How To Guide on How to Build and Activate a Benchmark).

To invite participants to complete an assessment:

  • Mr./Ms. - Select the title to Mr. or Ms. in the drop down
  • Enter the first name, last name and email address of each Concurrent Study participant
  • Click <Add> after each candidate

The page will refresh and the candidate will appear in the list below.


STEP 5: Waiting for the Assessment to be Completed

If the participant has a next to his/her name, then the participant is still ‘Pending’ and must still complete the assessment.

Note: The Last Invitation Email column displays the most recent date an invitation email was sent to the participant. If no date appears here, the participant was not sent an invitation email. The Completed column will be blank if the assessment is still pending for the participant.

At this stage, you will need to wait for the Concurrent Study participants to complete the assessment.


STEP 6: Completed Assessments

Once a Participant has completed the required assessment, the Completed column notation will change to ‘WNS1S2IP’. If any of these letters are missing, this indicates that there may have been a possible interruption in one or more sections of the assessment. To view the participant’s assessment details, click the magnifying glass icon on the right side and then the <Assessment> tab.  You will be able to determine if the candidate was interrupted in any of the sections if the “Interrupt” column has a “Yes” listed below it and the line is highlighted in red. Under the column title “Time Taken”, it may read “In Progress” or show you the exact time the candidate spent in the section. To reassess an interrupted section for the participant, please refer to How To Guide on How to Reassess Candidates Interrupted on Assessment Sections beginning at Step 5.

Once all Concurrent participants have completed their surveys you will need to build and activate the new benchmark before it can be used. See How To Guide on How to Build and Activate a Concurrent Benchmark for next steps.