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How To Search Candidate List

The Candidate List defaults to display only the candidates added to the system in the last 30 days. Use any of the available search criteria in the Candidate Search box to search & sort the Candidate List. Then either display the search results within PrevueOnline.com or export the search results to an Excel spreadsheet.


STEP 1: Access the Candidate List

Click on the <Candidates> menu and choose <Candidate List>.


STEP 2: Search the Candidate List

The system will default to display those Candidates who have been entered into the system within the last 30 days.

If your Candidate does not appear in the list provided, change to the preferred date range and/or criteria at the bottom of the page.

Search criteria includes:

  • First Name, Last Name, and Company Name.
  • Self-Registration: displays all the Candidates who self-registered to complete the assessment.
  • Activity: displays all Candidates attached to the specified Activity.
  • Login: displays all Candidates added by a particular Login.
  • Category: displays all Candidates attached to each specific Category; you may choose up to three Categories for the search.


STEP 3: Completing the Search

When the search options have been identified click <Search> to display the search results within PrevueOnline.com or click on <Export to Excel> to export the selected Candidates to an Excel worksheet.