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How to Resend a JDS Study Invitation Email

STEP 1: Locate the Position

Click on the <Positions> menu heading and then <Position List>.


STEP 2: Access the Position Details

Locate the Position in the list and click on the magnifying glass icon to the right to access its details.

Note: You may use the search fields below to locate your position if your position list is more than 1 page.


STEP 3: Access the JDS Study Tab

Click on the JDS Study tab to access the list of JDS participants.


STEP 4: Resend the JDS Study Invitation Email

Select participants by placing a checkmark in the box to the left of each participant’s name.

Click the <Invite> button above to resend the JDS study invitation email. The page will refresh and the ‘Last Invite’ column will display the date when an email was last sent to the participant.

Note: To edit/view candidate details information, click on the magnifying glass appearing to the right of the candidate row before manually inviting each candidate. Please check their first and last name and email address to ensure there are no typos.