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How To Reassess Candidates Interrupted Sessions

When a candidate takes one or more of our timed assessments, there is always the risk of interruption. If this occurs and it has an effect and the candidate’s overall assessment performance, then the candidate may need to be reassessed. This guide will walk you through the process of reassessing a candidate on any given section.


Possible Reasons for Candidate Assessment interruptions

  • Pop-Up Blockers causing technical difficulties, and possibly being bumped out of the assessment.
  • Poor internet connection or lost connectivity.
  • Firewalls or anti-virus software can have an impact on the assessment, especially if it is being taken on a work computer that limits a candidate’s internet usage.
  • Compatibility can be an issue for some laptops/computers such as some Mac models. It is recommended to take the assessment from a non-work PC-based computer.
  • Some browsers are not compatible with the assessments. Candidates must use one of the following browsers; Internet Explorer 10 or above, Firefox 30 or above, Opera 21 or above, Google Chrome 40 or above, Safari 5 or above.
  • The candidate may have been in an unsuitable or stressful environment.


Important things to remember about a Candidate’s Prevue Assessment experience

  • The four sections are timed, and each section must be completed in one sitting.
  • If a candidate has to log out mid session, for any reason, they will not be able to complete the session they exited.
  • The balance of the assessment is not timed - candidates can spend as long as they want on any given questions or set of questions in each assessment. However, these must be completed within the time frame and by following the given instructions. Usually, the first result provides the most accurate picture.
  • Candidates must use a mouse to answer questions. Attempts to use a keyboard for speed purposes, especially in timed sections, may result in the assessment not being valid.


Reassessing a Candidate on Interrupted Assessment Sections

STEP 1: Access the Candidate List Page

To access the Candidate List page, click on <Candidate List> under the <Candidates> menu.


STEP 2: Locate the Candidate

Use the Search function at the bottom of the Candidate List to locate the candidate. It is helpful to Search by the First Name or Last Name.

Click <Search> to display the results on the <Candidate List> screen.


STEP 3: Select the Candidate

Click on the magnifying glass located on the right hand side of the candidate who needs to be reassessed. This will load the <Candidate Details> page.

Note: You may only select one candidate at a time.


STEP 4: Candidate Details Page

The <Candidates Details> page will load and appear as displayed on the left. Click on the <Assessment> tab on the right hand side, located below the <Edit> and <Done> buttons.


STEP 5: Checking for an Interruption

On the Assessment tab, you will be able to determine if the candidate was interrupted in any of the sections, if the “Interrupt” column has a “Yes” listed below it and the line is highlighted in red. Under the column title “Time Taken”, it may read “In Progress” or show you the exact time the candidate spent in the section.


STEP 6: Reassess the Candidate

Once in the Assessment tab, place a check-mark to the left of the section that needs to be reassessed and click on "Reassess".

Note: The check box for each section will only appear if the candidate has entered that section at least once and entered the instruction screen for the next section. If the candidate does not try to sign into the next section, the check box may not be available. To rectify this, the login reassessing the candidate will need to copy the candidate’s username and password and enter it at www.assessmentstation.com and click through until the instructions for the next section are displayed. Once the instructions are displayed, close the Assessment and go back the Candidate Details page in Prevue Online and refresh the page in the browser. The check box will appear next to the section that was interrupted and set to “In Progress” and the login may proceed with reassessing the section.


STEP 7 (Optional): Candidate Answer Sheet

It is also helpful to check the candidate’s answer sheet by clicking on the hyperlink above the Assessment tab, located in the box at the top right hand side of the page. Opening this answer sheet will allow you to determine if the candidate answered any questions before being interrupted in that section.

You should click on the link "WNS1S2IP" above the assessment tab and save the candidate's answer sheet to your computer before clicking on reassess. This will allow you to compare the answers before and after the re-assessment.

Note: This hyperlink displays the first letter of each section that the candidate submitted responses for. For example, for a full assessment, it may read as “Assessment WNS1S2IP”. If any of the letters are missing from the Assessment hyperlink, this is an indication the section has been missed.


STEP 8: Inform the Candidate

The candidate will not receive a new invitation email from Prevue Online. Please direct the candidate to use the original invitation email, if they still have it. If not, copy and paste the candidate’s username & password into an email from the top left side of the Candidate Details page. Direct the candidate to the assessment site www.assessmentstation.com. A typical format for sending this information is as follows:

Site: www.assessmentstation.com

Username: LastName_FirstName

Password: ABC45