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How to Re-Invite Candidates through Prevue Wizard

There are two ways to re-invite Candidates in the system:

  1. Using the ‘Prevue Wizard’ (available to all PrevueOnline.com logins)
  2. Through the ‘Activities’ area - Candidates tab within an Activity (available only to logins with access to the ‘Activity’ area)

This How-To-Guide will outline the steps using the Prevue Wizard. The Prevue Wizard is available to all logins on PrevueOnline.com and will be the most efficient way to re-invite a candidate. Please refer to the other How-To-Guide on How to Re-Invite Candidates Through Activities - Candidates Tab for an alternate method.

Note: Before you begin, if you need to make any amendments to the invitation emails, please carefully read and follow the instructions in the ‘Amending the Invitation Email’ section of this guide before you begin the steps in the ‘Re-Inviting Candidates through the Prevue Wizard’ section of this guide.


Re-Inviting Candidates through the Prevue Wizard

The Prevue Wizard is available to all logins on PrevueOnline.com. For most logins, using the Prevue Wizard will be the most efficient way to re-invite a candidate.


STEP 1: Accessing the Prevue Wizard

Click on the <Prevue Wizard> menu heading.


STEP 2: Selecting the Activity

From the <Activity Name> dropdown options, choose the appropriate Activity that you wish to re-invite the candidate to.

Note: Every PrevueOnline.com account has six (6) default Activities which are designed to allow the login to send out Invitation emails and receive Status emails. These Activities are called “Assessment Only” and represent the six (6) scopes available for Prevue Assessments. Your account may also have job-specific Activities which may carry out additional instructions, such as sending Report emails once the candidate has completed the Prevue Assessments.


STEP 3: Accessing the Candidate

Click on <Choose From Existing Candidates> to access the Candidate List.


STEP 4: Locating and Adding the Candidate

Use the Candidate List on the left side of the screen to locate the Candidate(s) you wish to re-invite, or use the Search function to locate the Candidate(s).

Note: Use the <Shift> and <Ctrl> keys to highlight more than one candidate, if you need to re-invite multiple candidates.

Note: This list defaults to display the “Regular” candidate list. You may use the “Candidate Type” drop-down menu to locate candidates who were previously added to a benchmark study as either “Concurrent” or “JDS” participants.

Once the Candidate(s) has/have been found and highlighted, click <Add> to move the Candidate Name into the right-hand column titled “Selected Items”.

Click <OK> on to add the selected Candidate(s) and return to the Prevue Wizard.


STEP 5: Sending the Invitation

On the Prevue Wizard, click on <OK> to send the Invitation Email to the chosen Candidate(s).


STEP 6: Confirmation of Email

The Prevue Wizard will display a confirmation screen advising that the Invitation Email has been sent and giving details of the login information and website.


Amending the Invitation Email (Optional)


STEP 1: Amending the Invitation Email Through Activities

Click on the <Activities> menu heading.

Click on the magnifying glass beside the Activity that you are amending the assessment invitation in.


Step 2: Choose the <Emails> Tab.

Click on the <Emails> tab.

Note: If you need to amend the Invitation Email attached to an Activity, this should be done prior to re-inviting your candidate(s).


STEP 3: Locating the Email

Click <View Email> in the Invitation Email section.


STEP 4: Editing the Email

Click the <Customize> option in the area above the subject link and make your changes in the box below.


STEP 5: Saving the Email

Click <Save and Close> to save the changes in the Invitation Email in the Activity.