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How to Manage Position List

A position in Prevue Online represents an actual position within your organization. This guide helps you manage and maintain the Position List.


STEP 1: Components of the Position List

  • Delete: Clicking <Delete> will permanently remove the chosen Position from the Position list.
  • Transfer: Clicking <Transfer> allows you to copy any activate position to another accessible account. This will allow the new account to have edit access to your position, however, the customer account will be required to activate the position for use. The customer account will also be able to edit the benchmark as needed.
  • Share: Clicking <Share> allows you to share any number of activated positions in your account with a child account or branch. The child account or branch will be able to use these positions for building reports and activities, but will not be able to edit the positions. Edits to the Position’s benchmarks must be made in the parent account. If you wish the child account or branch to have edit access to a position, you must transfer the position.
  • Category Buttons: Clicking the <Category+> and <Category-> buttons will add and remove Position Categories. Categories are used to simplify the Search function by limiting the number of items to be retrieved. It is helpful to create Categories ahead of time before applying these against Positions. Categories can be created through <Administration> and choosing <Categories>. Categories can also be created within the Position List and Position Details sections.                                         


STEP 2: Searching the Positions List

The Position List can be searched using the following search criteria:

  • Category – more than one category can be identified for the search
  • Position Name
  • Date Created
  • Login
  • Activity

Once the search criteria have been identified, click <Search> to begin the function.

Clicking <Export to Excel> will export the selected Positions to an Excel Spreadsheet based on the established search criteria. To export all the Positions in a list, simply click on <Export to Excel> to create the spreadsheet without selecting any specific Positions.


STEP 3: Viewing the Study Participants in the Positions List

The Position List displays two columns indicating the number of Study Participants in the JDS and/or Concurrent Study tabs on the Position Details page.

The number of candidates indicates how many have completed their participant vs. how many were invited. For example, 2/2 displayed under the JDS column indicates that 2 participants have completed the survey and 2 were invited.

Click the magnifying glass next to the position title if you wish to see detailed participant information on each study’s tab.


STEP 4: Viewing the Benchmark Description Report for an Activated Position

The notepad & pencil icon displayed to the right of the magnifying glass gives access to the Benchmark Description Report. This report is only available from the Position List if a Benchmark associated with the Position has been activated.


STEP 5: Identifying an Activated Position

The bolded “B” to the left of the Position Name indicates that a Benchmark associated with the Position has been activated. If there is no bolded “B”, then the position has not yet been activated.

Note: The two position entries in green are sample positions. These cannot be edited. These are provided for demonstration and training purposes only.