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How to Invite Candidates Using Prevue Wizard

Prevue Wizard is the easiest way to register a candidate to complete an assessment in Prevue Online. The Prevue Wizard lets you quickly assign a candidate to an Activity, which determines the appropriate assessment to use. Reports will either be delivered by email once the candidate has completed the assessment, or you can log into the site and use the Report Viewer to view reports for the candidate. This depends on how the activity has been set up.


STEP 1: Access the Prevue Wizard

To get to the Prevue Wizard, click on the ‘Prevue Wizard’ menu item.


STEP 2: Choose the Activity

Select the appropriate Activity for the candidates you want to add. An Activity is a predetermined set of instructions for sending out invitations, assessing individuals and sending automatic reports. Which Activity you choose determines how your candidate will be assessed. If you were not provided with a specific activity name, you can choose one of the Assessment Only Activities to assess your candidate.

Note: The Assessment Only activities are designed to allow you to send out Invitations to candidates and receive a Status email when your candidates are done. You may also create and use job specific Activities. See the How-To-Guide “Create Activity”. You may select from one of the following default Assessment Only activities:

Assessment Only – WNS1S2IP (Full) Words, Numbers, Shapes 1 & 2, Interests and Personality

Assessment Only – WNS1S2 (L&R) Words, Numbers, Shapes 1 & 2

Assessment Only – NIP (Numerical) Numbers, Interests and Personality

Assessment Only – IP (Coaching) Interests and Personality

Assessment Only – P (Personality) Personality Only


STEP 3: (Opt) Choose from Existing Candidates

If you want to add candidates to the Prevue Wizard that you know have already been added to the system, select <Choose from Existing Candidates>. If you do not need to do this, skip to Step 8.


STEP 4: (Opt) Search for an Existing Candidate

To find the candidate you want, type the letters of the candidate’s last name into the Search field. If the candidate has completed an assessment, you will see his/her name selected and highlighted in blue.

Note: Use Choose from Existing candidates if you wish to re-send an email to any candidate who previously was added to your PrevueOnline.com account.


STEP 5: (Opt) Add a Candidate to the Selected Candidates List

Highlight the candidate(s) you want to add, and then click on <Add>. To select multiple candidates, use the <SHIFT> and <CTRL> keys on your keyboard.


STEP 6: (Opt) Remove a Candidate

If you want to remove a candidate from your selected candidate list, select the item from the Selected Items list and click on.


STEP 7: (Opt) Confirm Selected Candidates

Click on <OK>to confirm your selected candidates and return to the Prevue Wizard.


STEP 8: Enter Candidate Information

To enter a new candidate, fill out his/her title, first name, last name, and email address (if available).


STEP 9: (Opt)

The language will default to English. Use the language drop down menu to change the invitation language, if necessary.


STEP 10: (Opt) Add Multiple Candidates

If you want to add more than one candidate, click on <Add> and enter the information for the next candidate as in Step 8. Repeat until you have added all the desired candidates.


STEP 11: (Opt) Remove a candidate

If you have added a candidate’s information incorrectly, click on <Remove> to remove him/her from the list and re-enter the candidate.


STEP 12: Process the Request

To process your request to add the candidate(s) to the selected Activity, click on <OK>. Please note that you must have entered at least one candidate to process the request.

Note: The Activity Name that is displayed will be used to add all the candidates displayed below the empty text boxes, prior to clicking “OK”. If you wish to add candidates to a different Activity than the one displayed, you must finish sending emails to the group of candidates displayed and then click the Prevue Wizard from the menu heading of the same name and repeat the procedure set out in this How-To-Guide.


STEP 13: Display Printable Version

If you want to print a summary of your Prevue Wizard transaction, click on <Printable Version>. Click on <File>, then <Print>, in your browser menu to print the summary. To return to the website, click on <Return to Website>.


STEP 14: (Opt) Review the Summary

Review the summary information to understand how the Prevue Wizard processed your request. If your candidate needs to complete an assessment, a P will appear next to their name. If the candidate was invited by email to take the assessment, an I will appear under Emails Sent with the email addresses the invitation was sent to. If the candidate has completed the necessary assessment a C will appear next to their name. If a report or status email has been sent on a candidate, then an R or an S, respectively, will appear under Emails Sent with the email addresses the emails were sent to. Please note the username and password that have been provided for each candidate. The candidate will need this information to log in to the assessment site. In most cases, the Activity will be set to send this information to the candidate by email.

Note: If the Emails Sent column does not display an I: S: or R: with email address(es), the site has not generated any emails. This could be due to no email address being provided or the instructions set up in the Activity.