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How to Export Candidate Details

There are times when you may require a ‘spreadsheet view’ of Candidates who have previously been added to your account. This is done through the <Candidate List>.

Exporting Candidate Details allows a quick overview of the Sten Scores achieved by each candidate. This spreadsheet also displays assessment sections that are pending, candidates who have not completed their assessment, and Activities/Categories assigned to each Candidate.


STEP 1: Accessing the Candidate List

Hover over the <Candidates> menu heading and choose <Candidate List>.


STEP 2: Accessing the Candidate List Details

The system will default to display those Candidates who have been entered into the system within the last 30 days.

If your Candidate(s) does not appear in the list displayed, change the <From Date> to display a broader date range and click <Search> to display the candidates that meet your search criteria on-screen.

Note: The search will return all the candidates invited and/or added to your account during the span of time that matches the <From Date> and <To Date>. If candidates have previously been deleted, they will not appear in the search results.


STEP 3: Exporting the Candidate Details

Click on <Export To Excel> to prompt the site to generate a spreadsheet of your candidates. Based on your browser, you may be prompted to <Open><Save>, or <Download> the spreadsheet.

Note: You will be limited to exporting up to a maximum of 200 candidates. If your criteria exceeds this maximum limit of 200 candidates, you may need to revise your search criteria to shorter date ranges and repeat the <Export to Excel> function until you have exported all the necessary data.


STEP 4 (Optional): Editing the Excel Worksheet

Edit the Excel spreadsheet to include the details that are relevant to your organization.

The spreadsheet will default to list the following:

  • Title, First Name, and Last Name of the Candidates
  • Username assigned to each of the Candidates
  • Category and Position of each of the Candidate
  • Date the Assessments were completed
  • Owner: the Login who entered the Candidate into Prevue Online
  • The Assessment that was completed for each Candidate
  • Number of Sections Pending for each Assessment
  • Activity and Categories assigned to each Assessment
  • Sten Scores achieved for each of the scales

Note: A ‘-‘ indicates no score for the specific scale.

Note: Benchmark Suitability Scores are not exported. The spreadsheet includes all of the scales. However, some candidates may have been invited for a smaller scope assessment. In these situations, all the scales are listed but only the sten score for the assessment scope completed are exported. If a dash appears under the corresponding column, the candidate either did not complete the corresponding assessment or was interrupted.