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How to Edit Candidate Details

There are times when you have previously added a candidate to the site and must later edit the Candidates details. This is done through the <Candidate List> to access the Candidate Details page.

If you have made a mistake in entering the Candidate’s details, you may edit components of the Candidate Details by clicking <Edit> in the center of the page to open the fields which are available for editing. These include the Candidate’s title, first or last name, and email address. Other information such as Phone Numbers, Contact Info, Language, Categories, Account Access, and the Owner may also be edited.


Accessing Your Candidate


STEP 1: Accessing the Candidate List

Click on the <Candidates> menu and choose <Candidate List>.


STEP 2: Accessing the Candidate List Details

The system will default to display those Candidates who have been entered into the system within the last 30 days. If your Candidate does not appear in the list provided, change the date search range at the bottom and click <Search>.


STEP 3: Choosing the Candidate

Clicking on the magnifying glass icon to the right of the chosen Candidate will refresh the page to display the Candidate Details screen.


STEP 4: Editing the Candidate Details

Clicking <Edit> will open the text fields that are available to edit.

Edit the details for any of the options listed below:

  • Title, First Name, and Last Name of the chosen Candidate.
  • Candidate’s Email Address: address to which the invitation email may be sent to.
  • Work and Cell Phones (optional).
  • Language: the system will default to English - NA but the dropdown list will display further options.
  • Account Access: whether <Public> or <Private>.
  • Owner: the Login who entered the Candidate into Prevue Online.
  • Categories: clicking <Edit> will display the categories (optional).
  • Work Info: includes Work or Home address, Job Title, Company, and Division (optional).
  • Notes field: This area is to enter any notes you wish to share with other logins who have access to the candidate (optional).


STEP 5: Saving the Changes

Clicking <Save Changes> to allow the system to accept the changes and complete the task.