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How to Edit an Existing Benchmark

We recommend that Benchmarks are reviewed regularly in order to keep them updated. This guide will tell you how to edit an existing benchmark step by step.


STEP 1: Access the Position

Hover over the <Positions> menu title and then click <Position List>. Click on the magnifying glass icon beside the position to access the Position Details.


STEP 2: Accessing the Benchmark List Tab

Click on the ‘Benchmark List’ tab within the Position Details.


STEP 3: Editing the Benchmark Details

You may want to add a new Benchmark Description to identify why the Benchmark is being manually edited, or amend the Benchmark Name to reflect why the changes were made.


STEP 4: Editing the Benchmark Graph

There will be three areas where you will be able to adjust the benchmark – Abilities, Interests and Personality. To edit benchmark you must select the appropriate ‘Paintbrush’ out of the three options and then click on a sten (box) next to the scale name to paint it with the selected paintbrush.

  • Benchmark - Allows you to paint the scales of the Prevue Benchmark in Green.
  • Critical - Allows you to add “Critical Zones” to your benchmark and will appear as Red. Critical zones should only appear on either end of the benchmark graph. You will need to leave a minimum of one blank space between the Critical zones and green Benchmark.
  • Erase - Allows you to correct or de-select the color from the scale.

Note: Critical zones should be used to identify scores on the benchmark that have proven to be detrimental to good job performance. If you opt to use the Critical zones, the resulting reports will provide Critical interview questions for candidates who land in the critical zones. The reports will also deduct a percentage from the benchmark suitability score for each instance the candidate has landed on the critical zones.


STEP 5: Save the Benchmark Changes

Click <Save as New & Close> to complete the task and save the edited Benchmark as a separate one OR click <Save & Close> to save your changes over the existing benchmark.


STEP 6: Activate the Benchmark

The Benchmark must be activated before it can be used. If the Benchmark has not been activated yet, click the checkbox to the left of the benchmark name and then click <Activate>.

Activating a Benchmark for the first time will deduct 40 credits from your account. After initial activation you may activate a different benchmark for the same position at no extra charge.

To confirm benchmark activation, click <Confirm>. A red ‘A’ will show on the left of the benchmark indicating it has been activated.

Note: Only one benchmark may be activated at a time within the same Position.