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How to Edit an Activity

There are times when a change/amendment is required for an existing Activity. Editing the Activity is done within the Activity Details page. Most items may be edited after clicking on the Activity Details page outlined in this guide, while others will have to be amended from the tabs displayed below the and buttons. If you need to amend the Invitation, Status, or Report Email preferences attached to a specific Activity, this should be done prior to adding your candidates to the Activity. Otherwise, the Activity settings may not be carried out if candidates complete the assessment prior to when the edits to the Activity occur.


STEP 1: Locating and Accessing the Activity

Click on the <Activity> menu heading. From the Activity List, locate the chosen Activity or use the Activity Name search field below. Click on the magnifying glass icon beside the Activity to access its details.


STEP 2: Editing the Activity

Click <Edit> in the Activity Details to open the completed details page that was submitted from the <New Activity> page when the Activity was first created.


STEP 3: Editing Activity Details Fields

You may edit the following items:

  • Activity Name: the unique name given to the Activity.
  • Activity Details: adding or changing the description of the Activity.
  • Activity Owner: using the dropdown list of logins on the Account.
  • Account Access: determine how many logins are able to view/use this Activity.


STEP 4: Editing Self Registration

Self-Registration should be set to if you do not wish to send invitations to Candidates.

Note: The system generates the Self Registration Username, Password, and the assessment website link when the Activity is saved from the page. These items cannot be changed.


STEP 5: Editing the Reports for Activity

You may choose to add Reports to the Activity by selecting from the following:

  • Report Family: whether Hiring, Development, and Corporate Planning.
  • Report Type: which varies depending upon the Report Family chosen.
  • Scope: whether WNS1S2IP, NIP, IP, or P.
  • Report Format: whether Full, Summary, or Graph.
  • Language: which defaults to ‘English NA’ but the dropdown list provides additional languages.


Clicking <Add Report Type to Activity> will place the new Report within the box at the end of this section. Repeat Step 5 to add more than one report to the Activity. To remove a report, click the <Remove> option following the specific report listed within the box at the end of the section.


STEP 6: Changing the Report Package for Purchasing Reports and Assessment Scope

You may change the Report Package options available by choosing from the dropdown list which will change depending upon the Reports chosen in Step 5.

Note: If the Activity is set up to automatically send out reports upon assessment completion, you will need to ensure there are sufficient credits in the account to automatically process payment for the report package. The Assessment Scope is also dictated by the Report Type chosen within Step 5.


STEP 7: Adding or Removing Categories from Activity

Click <Edit> within the Categories section to display the list of Category options in the list on the left side of the screen.

When the Categories screen appears, you can scroll to find the appropriate category to attach to the Candidates. Highlight the appropriate Categories and click <Add> to move the category from the left column to the right column. Click <Remove> to deselect the chosen category from the Selected Items column. When the correct Categories appear in the Selected Items list, click <OK> to attach the categories to the Activity. Click <Cancel> if you do not wish to attach a category.

Note: Categories may be added to the Categories List from the link located at the bottom left of the screen.


STEP 8: Editing Activity Emails

You may choose whether or not the system will automatically send out emails by clicking <Yes> or <No> within the box of the appropriate email. Note that a recipient type (Activity Owner, Candidate Owner, and/or Candidate) or email address(es) must be displayed next to the <To:> field in order for emails to be sent out automatically.

You may also choose the Language the system will use for the specific email.

Note: The Language option will default to “English NA”, but the dropdown list will provide the additional languages available for each specific email type.

If you choose <Yes> to have the report links automatically sent out when the necessary assessment has been completed, the system can only comply if there are sufficient credits available to automatically process payment for the report package.


STEP 9: Saving Changes to an Activity

When all the changes have been made, click <Save Changes> to complete the task.

Once the changes have been saved, the Activity Details page will display. Below the <Edit> and <Done> buttons, five tabs appear. The <Positions> and <Reports> tabs summarize which Benchmarks and Reports are being used to carry out instructions within this Activity. The <Emails> tab allows edits to the body of the email types associated to this Activity that could not be done in the previous steps outlined in this guide.

If you need to amend the Invitation, Status, or Report Email preferences attached to a specific Activity, this should be done from the <Emails> tab prior to adding your candidates to the Activity. Otherwise, the desired instructions may not be carried out if candidates complete the necessary assessments prior to when the edits to the Activity occur.