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How to Create a Position

A Position in Prevue Online represents an actual position within your organization. Most positions in Prevue Online have a Prevue Benchmark associated with them. A Prevue Benchmark allows the organization to compare a candidate’s assessment results to the ideal traits for that position. This comparison allows you to determine a candidate’s “job fit” for the particular position. Each position must have an activated benchmark before it can be used in a Prevue report.

This How to Guide will show you how to create a new position. Once the position has been created, you will need to determine whether you will be creating the benchmark associated to the position using the JDS Study, Concurrent Study, a Combination Study or by manually painting the benchmark. These options will be discussed in more detail further down the guide.


STEP 1: Creating a New Position

Hover over the <Positions> menu title and then click <New Position>.


STEP 2: Entering New Position Details

To create a new position, complete the details in the first section of the screen. These include entering the following:

  • Position Name: The unique name given to this position as will appear on report covers.
  • Description (optional): A short description of the position. The description is only viewable in the Position List.
  • Categories (optional): To help find the position at a later date, click on <Edit> to add the position to one or more categories.
  • Scope: Refers to what scales will be used when candidates are assessed for this position. You cannot change the scope once you save the position. The standard scope is WNS1S2IP which contains all of the scales. It is recommended you choose the largest scope to provide the greatest flexibility.
  • Style: The style of the position will determine the wording given in certain reports and may be edited later to change the wording.
  • Owner: The login who will receive Status emails for the position
  • Account Access: Whether the position is <Public> or <Private>. A private position can only be used by the owner login or an administrator login.


STEP 3: Selecting the Benchmark Creation Method

Select the method that will be used to create the Position:

  • Using a JDS Study: A JDS study combines the results of one or more Job Description Surveys (JDS) completed by one or more Job Authorities in your organization. Job Authorities are usually senior to the position and are very familiar with the position requirements. Requires a minimum of 1 participant and takes approximately 10 minutes to complete.
  • Using a Concurrent Study:  A Concurrent Study uses the results of the Prevue Assessment completed by two or more top performers that currently hold the position. A concurrent study becomes more reliable the more employees you can involve in the study. Requires a minimum of 2 participants and may take 30 to 45 minutes to complete depending on the scope of the position.
  • Using Prevue Benchmark Library: The library contains Prevue Benchmarks for approximately 1000 occupations. These are general occupational benchmarks and may not reflect the unique corporate culture of your organization. If you elect to use one of these benchmarks, it is recommended that you verify the benchmark by conducting a JDS or Concurrent Study on the position as soon as possible.
  • Nothing for Now: Choose if you are creating the Position manually or returning later to add participants to a study.

Note: A combination study requires participants from both the JDS Study and the Concurrent Study. Invite participants for each study if you wish to build a combination benchmark. JDS and Concurrent benchmarks are built separately and then combined for a ‘Combination Study’ benchmark.


STEP 4: Saving the Position

Click <Save and Continue> to save the Position and be defaulted to the tab with the benchmark creation method you selected in Step 3.