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How to Check that Candidates Have Been Invited

There are times when you must check to see if Candidates have been sent an Invitation Email from PrevueOnline.com. There are several reasons why a candidate may not have received an invitation email. These are:

  • The Candidate was not attached to an Activity – therefore there is no “Last Invite Date” showing next to the Candidate’s Name.
  • The Activity was not set up to send the invitation automatically.
  • The Candidate had self-registered – in which case an “S” will appear to the left of the Candidate Name in the Candidate List.
  • The Candidate’s email address was omitted or has been entered incorrectly.

Note: The Candidate email is an optional field.


STEP 1: Access the Candidate List

Click on the <Candidates> menu and choose <Candidate List>.


STEP 2: Check the “Last Invite” Column

Check the “Last Invite” column on the Candidate List. If a date appears under this column next to the candidate’s name, this indicates the Candidate was sent an Invitation Email and is attached to an Activity that requires the Invitation Email to go out automatically.


STEP 3: Check the “S” Column

Check the “S” column to the left of the Candidate names. This indicates whether the Candidate has self-registered rather than receiving an Invitation email. If the candidate has self-registered, no “Last Invite” date will appear.


STEP 4: Check the “P” column

Check the “P” column to the left of the Candidate name. This indicates whether the Candidate has an assessment still pending.

If the “P” appears but there is no “Last Invite” date, the candidate was likely added to PrevueOnline.com from the <New Candidate> page under the <Candidate> menu and was not associated to an Activity (manually added).

The <New Candidate> page has an Activity drop-down menu that is set to “None Selected” by default to allow flexibility for when invitations should be sent to a candidate.

Note: If the candidate’s email address is entered incorrectly or is blank, follow Steps 5 to Step 7 to Edit the Candidate Details page.


STEP 5 (Opt): Access Editing the Candidate Details

Click <Edit> to access the Candidate Details you wish to change.

Note: The email address is an optional field.


STEP 6 (Opt): Adding/Editing the Candidate’s Email Address

Click <Edit> to access the Candidate Details you wish to change.

Note: The email address is an optional field. Once the Candidate Details page has displayed the text boxes, make any appropriate changes to the email address box.


STEP 7 (Opt): Saving the Candidate’s Email Address

Once the Candidate’s email address has been entered or amended, click on <Save Changes> to allow the system to register the information.

Note: If the Candidate’s email address has been changed and you wish for them to receive the Activity Invitation email, you will have to re-invite him/her.


STEP 8 (Opt): Check the Email Message History Page

Click the <Administration> column, scroll down to <Emails> and select <Email Message History>.

The Email Message History page defaults to the last 30 days and displays the date, email type, and Activity the candidate is associated with. It also displays the Email Address(es) to which the email(s) were sent.

Use the <Search> criteria at the bottom of this page to narrow the search for specific Candidates, range of dates, Activities, Email Types, and Logins. If the candidate does not appear under Email Message History but does appear in the Candidate List, the candidate was NOT sent any emails from PrevueOnline.com.