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How to Categorize Candidates

Categories are used to simplify the Search function by limiting the number of items to be retrieved. Search by Categories is available on the Candidate List and within the Candidate Details page. It is helpful to create Categories ahead of time before applying these against Candidates.

Categories are unique to each Account in PrevueOnline.com and can be used in any way that makes sense to the Administrator(s) in the Account. For example, a Login may wish to categorize candidates by status of “Hired”, “Never Hired”, or “Former Employee”. Create Categories for these statuses and apply the appropriate category to each Candidate in the Candidate List.


STEP 1: Access the Candidate List

Click on the <Candidates> menu and choose <Candidate List>.


STEP 2: Access the Candidate List Details

The system will default to display those Candidates who have been entered into the system within the last 30 days. If the Candidate does not appear in the list provided, change the <Date Created> to the preferred range and click <Search>.


STEP 3: Add Categories from the Candidate List

Place a checkmark to the left of each candidate you wish to categorize and click on <Category+>. Follow steps 7-8b.

Note: If you have candidates appearing over multiple pages, you may only select & categorize the candidates who appear on the current page. Repeat the process for each page of candidates you wish to categorize. If you do not wish to categorize multiple candidates together, follow Steps 4 to 7 and 9.


STEP 4: Choose the Candidate

Clicking on the magnifying glass icon to the right of the chosen Candidate will display the Candidate Details screen.


STEP 5: Edit the Candidate Details

Clicking <Edit> will access the completed details submitted from the <New Candidate> page.


STEP 6: Add a Category to a Candidate

Clicking on <Edit> will access the Company Category List.


STEP 7: Add and Remove Existing Categories

When the Categories screen appears you can scroll through the available items listed on the left side to find the appropriate category to attach to the Candidates. Highlight the appropriate Category and click <Add> to move the category from the left column to the right column titled “Selected Categories”.

When the correct Category appears in the Selected Items list, click <OK> to attach the category to the Candidate.

Note: Use the Shift and CTRL keys to highlight multiple categories, if necessary. To remove categories already attached to a candidate, highlight the item in the Selected Items column and click <Remove> to deselect the chosen category.

Note: Removing a category from a candidate will NOT remove the category from the company list. Click <OK> to complete the function. Click <Cancel> if you do not wish to attach or remove a category.

Note: New Categories may be added to the Categories List from the <Add Category> link located at the bottom left of the screen (see Steps 8a and b).


Step 8a: Add and/or Delete New Categories

Click on the link located at the bottom left of the screen to access this function. Click on the link to delete a category from the company list.


Step 8b: Create a New Category

Add the name of the new category in the box provided, then click on the <Add Category> button next to the category name.

Click on <Cancel> if you do not wish to enter the new category.

Click on <OK> to allow the system to accept the new category and apply it to the selected candidate(s).

Click <Cancel> if you do not wish to accept the new category.


STEP 9: Save Changes

When the Category has been chosen and attached to the Candidate, click <Save Changes> to allow the system to accept the addition. Repeat Steps 3 to 7 and 9 for all Candidates to be added to the Category.