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How to Build and Activate a Concurrent Benchmark

STEP 1: Build a New Benchmark

You must have at least two completed participants listed with ‘WNS1S2IP’ in the ‘Completed’ column to create a Concurrent benchmark.

To create a new benchmark using Concurrent Study participants, first place a check mark in the box to the left of the participants you wish to use. Then click the <Build Concurrent Benchmark> button.


STEP 2: Review and Edit Benchmark Details

  • Benchmark Type: This will default to the method used to create the benchmark.
  • Benchmark Name: Update this field and use a benchmark name that will help identify it at a later date.
  • Status: The benchmark will remain ‘Not Activated’ until you have confirmed the Benchmark’s validity and have manually activated it.
  • Benchmark Description: This description will only appear in the Benchmark List and is not mandatory.
  • Date Created and Date Last Edited: The system will automatically enter the Date Created and the Date Last Edited.
  • Total Candidates: Number of Candidates included in this study
  • Concurrent Candidates: The system will automatically list the number and names of all participants used to build the Concurrent Study benchmark.


STEP 3 (Opt.): Adjusting the Benchmark

Users have the option of adjusting the benchmark. However, we recommend that they do so under the advisement of their Prevue Account Manager. To adjust the benchmark scales, click on the ‘Benchmark’ beside ‘Select a paintbrush’ and then on the box in the scale you want to adjust. The box will change to Green. Clicking ‘Critical’ will allow you to paint the scale box Red. Clicking on ‘Erase will allow you to put the appropriate scale sections back to White.

Note: The Green stens indicate the desired benchmark area. The Red stens indicate areas where candidates should not land. There must be a minimum of one white sten between the green and red sections.


STEP 4: Save the Benchmark

To save the benchmark, click on <Save & Close>. Clicking on <Save as New & Close> will create two benchmarks. This allows you to save the original Concurrent Study benchmark and the entry with adjustments separately.


STEP 5: Benchmark List and Reports

Once a Benchmark has been created, it will show in the Benchmark List tab within the ‘Position Details’.


STEP 6: Accessing Benchmark Reports

Clicking on the notepad and pencil icons to the right of the Benchmark will download the two Benchmark Reports as PDFs.

To view the Benchmark Description Report, click on the first notepad and pencil icon to the right of the Benchmark.

To view the Benchmark Development Report, click on the second notepad and pencil icon located to the right of the Benchmark name (you can hover over the icon and it will say ‘Benchmark Development Report’). Read the Benchmark Development Report and note the scales where the candidates had noticeably different scores so that you may determine if any adjustments are necessary. If you’d like to make edits to the benchmark scales, click the magnifying glass to the right of the benchmark name in Position Details and refer to Step 3 in this guide.

Note: The notation of ‘ME’ next to a Benchmark indicates this Benchmark has been manually edited by the user following the benchmark generation.


STEP 7: Activate the Benchmark

To activate the benchmark, place a check mark in box to the right of the Benchmark name, then click <Activate>.

When activating a benchmark for the first time, your account will be charged 40 credits. After initial activation you may activate a different benchmark/revise the benchmark for the same position at no extra charge. Once activated, the Benchmark will show an ‘A’ next to the Benchmark’s name.

Note: Only one benchmark associated with the Position can be activated at any time.