Creating Job Templates

To create a new job template you must first log in to the admin area with your username and password.

The Job Templates area serves as a library of job descriptions. These templates can be easily posted when hiring, and edited as needed for any specific job with unique requirements or differences to the standard template. Once a job template is created, users will be able to select the job title of the position they are hiring for, and the job information/description will be available for quick, easy posting.


Step One
Move your mouse over the Jobs icon at the top of your screen, then select the Job Templates option that appears.


Step Two

Click on the New Job Template icon to the right of your screen to add a new Job Template.


Step Three

Complete the Add New Job Template form.

  • Career Site Ad Title: This will be the default job title that will appear on your company’s career site. This is the title that your applicants will see when they apply for the job.
  • Career Site Ad Description: This will be the default job description for this position. Your applicants will see everything in this area once the job is made active and goes live.
  • Upload Full Job Description: If you have a lengthy legal job description or a description in a word document, you can attach it here and it will display as a link in the job description details for job seekers to view.
  • Job Board Ad Title: This will be the title that shows up on the job boards. You can easily copy the title from the above field for quick inputting, by clicking Copy From Career Site Title.
  • Job Board Ad Description: This will be the description that shows up on the job boards. You can easily copy from the description above by clicking Copy From Career Site Description.
  • Job Board Extra Information: Here you can enter minimum requirements for education an experience related to the job.
  • Exempt: From the dropdown menu, you have the choice to select if the job is exempt or not.
  • Job Questions Group: You can choose a job questions group that was previously created. Job specific screening questions will be answered by all applicants who apply to this job.
  • Job Location: The user will specify a job location that will display on the career site. You have the option of choosing a different city for where the jobs are posted to external job boards on the next page.
  • Keywords: This is where you can list any words that an applicant might search for when seeking this type of job. This will help promote your job and make it more visible within search engines.
  • Choose Department to Assign to this Template: Here you can chose the department associated with the position. You can choose multiple departments if necessary.
  • Admin Notes: This note is not visible to the applicant; it is for internal use only.


By selecting Submit this job template will now be available in your list of job templates. You can click on Add and Create New Listing to continue with posting the job.


If you have any questions please contact