Creating Job Questions

To create job questions you must first log in to the Admin Area using your username and password.

Users are able to create specific screening questions relevant to each job, which will assist in identifying applicants who meet the basic qualifications. Users are also able to set up disqualifiers, depending on how an applicant answers certain questions. For example, if a candidate does not have the necessary qualifications for a job, the disqualifier can be used to identify this and disqualify them from the advertised position. We recommend that the user creates anywhere from 3-6 questions per group.


Step One

Move your mouse over the Jobs icon at the top of your screen, then select the Job Questions option that appears.


Step Two

Click on the New Job Question Group icon to the right of your screen to add a new Job Template.


Step Three

Fill out the New Job Questions Group section.

  • Group Title: This is where you write the title for the Job Question Group, so you can identify the group in future.
  • Instructions: This section is optional in case the person filling out the questions needs extra guidance or additional instructions related to the questions.
  • Copy Job Questions: The drop down menu gives you the option to use copy job questions from other job questions groups.


Step Four

Once you click Next a new window will appear.  Create your questions here, use the drop down menu to choose an answer type, select if the answer is required, then click Submit or Add and Create New Question. There is a preview option to see how the question will look for the applicant.

Note: There are 6 answer types. Small and Large text answer types cannot disqualify an applicant or be scored. When choosing any other answer type you can input answers in the highlighted area. IF you would like to turn on the scoring option, contact your Account Representative. You can choose the scoring based on any scale you would like. If the disqualify applicant checkbox is checked, when an applicant submits that answer they will be hidden from the main list of applicants, but still accessible in the filter options.


Step Five

Once you have completed a question group you can see the see the question under the group to review.


Step Six

If not done already, you can attach a job question group to a job listing by going to the Job Listing tab, selecting the drop down Action menu, clicking on the Edit option, then moving down the Update Job Listing window to the Job Questions Group drop down menu option. Whether you are adding a new job listing with the New Job Listing or editing an existing job listing with the Action button and Edit option, the area to attach job questions is the same.


If you have any questions please contact