Creating Email Templates

To create a new email template you must first log in to the admin area with your username and password.


Step One

Click on the gear icon at the top of your screen and select Settings.


Step Two

Select the Inbox Templates tab.


Step Three

Click on the New Email/Email Template icon to the right of your screen. You can edit or archive any template by clicking on the Action button next to each template. You can always show the archived template by clicking Show Archived at the bottom of the page.


Step Four

You can copy an email template from our library of options or create your own. Enter the template name, select if you want to Allow Replies to Communications Inbox Subject, enter the email subject, and then the email body.

When finished click Submit.


Additional Guidance

Template Name: Enter a name associated with the type of email you are creating.

Email Subject: This is the subject that will display to your applicants.

Email Body: Draft the body of the email in this field. You can select from the list of “tags” and the system will populate those pieces of information, and customize the email for each applicant.

When you insert the tags below into the body of your email, it will pull the custom information into the email for each applicant, i.e. “Thank you for applying to the #job_title# position” appears as “Thank you for applying to the Customer Service position” (if the applicant were to apply to the Customer Service position).

Some common Tags Available to Insert:















If you have any questions please contact