Copy an Applicant to Another Position

Copying an application to a new position will copy over the applicant "type" (internal or external) from the application being copied. If you then invite the applicant to complete the missing details in the new application, the system will automatically invite them to the appropriate application (internal or external) attached to the job listing.

"Internal" applicants are only applicable if you have the internal career site enabled on your account.  


Click on the Applicants Icon.


Find the applicant you want within the Applicant Dashboard. Select the Applicant's name, or the Action button then View next to an applicant to pull up their application.

Click on Actions within the application record and choose Copy Application to Another Job from the drop-down menu.

The list of jobs will appear in the dropdown menu to select from. Choose another job to copy the application to and click Copy Applicant to Position.

**Note** If you try to copy the applicant to another job, a blue notification will pop up (see below). To copy the applicant to another position, click the Copy Applicant to Position again. You can copy the applicant to the same position more than once if the allow multiple applications feature is enabled on your account.

Once you click Copy Applicant to Position, it will pull up the new application. It will import the information pertinent to the new job and then allow you to manually input any missing information, including EEO information.

Common Questions

Can I copy an applicant to a job they are already in?

If you have the allow multiple applications feature enabled on your account, then you are able to do this. Otherwise, the drop-down menu will simply not display jobs the applicant has already applied to.

Why would I want to copy an applicant?

The applicant may not be qualified for the position they applied to, but may be a good fit for another position in your organization.

Why doesn't the EEO information copy over?

We want to give applicants every opportunity to accurately answer EEO questions. Since we cannot anticipate which application is being copied, we do not carry over these answers. If you want to collect this information, you can either invite the applicant to complete the application, or you can manually complete these fields (if permission is granted).