Application Statuses

To create application statuses you must first log in to the Admin Area using your username and password.


Step One

Click on the gear icon at the top of your screen and select Settings.


Step Two

Click on the Statuses tab. To add a new status click the New Application Status button in the top right hand corner. You can edit or archive any status by clicking on the Action button next to each status. You can always show the archived statuses by clicking Show Archived at the bottom of the list.


Step Three

A window will pop up where you can name the new status. Select a group that it best fits with, and choose the order you want it show up in on the list.

You have the option to check boxes to allow managers and assigned users to view or not. The status name and order are the required fields, everything else is optional. The description box is only viewable to managers. The checklist option allows you to put certain statuses as “checklist” items, or statuses an applicant must go through in order to receive a “hired” status.


Step Four

Once you click Submit the new status will now show up as an option to select from when you want to assign an applicant a status.


Step Five

If you have the Auto Assigned Status option turned on (this can be done by your account manager), you will see the two options below the Show Archived button. Use drop down menus to select auto assigned statuses based on the basic qualifications.


If you have any questions please contact