Advertising on Job Boards

To advertise on job boards you must first log in to the admin area with your username and password.

When creating a new job, you will go through filling out the information on the New Job Listing screen as normal. When you click on Save and Proceed to Job Advertising, you will see the new tabular view.


Step One: Job Ad Tab

The Job Ad tab is where you enter the job title and description that you want to show up for the job boards. If you want to use the same job title and description that you created for your career site, make sure you click on all of the copy buttons on this page. This is also where you will enter the locations information for the job. Once all of the information has been filled out click on Update/Save Job Board Information to save the changes.


Step Two: Job Board Settings

The Job Board Settings tab allows you to enter any extra information that you want to show up on your job description. This information is not required. If you decide to fill out any of this information, click on Update/Save Job Board Information to save those changes.


Step Three: Job Feeds

The Job Feeds tab shows you a list of Automated Boards that we push your jobs to for free. Your job ad data is updated regularly and is "fed" to the job board automatically with new information from the Job Ad. This means that when you add a new job, or if you make changes to a title or description at a later time, that you will see these changes updated automatically on the selected Job Feeds within 24 hours.

All available boards on the Job Feeds tab are in a checklist. You can manually select or deselect each feed by checking the corresponding box. There is no need to save your selections, simply make your selections and any changes will be reflected on the applicable feed(s).

The ATS will automatically recognize the country and state the job is posted in and only display and/or push to the applicable feeds. (e.g. If the job is located in Canada, US Only job boards will not show. If the job is located in the US, Canadian job boards will not show.)

Review and update the list, if you wish, and then move on to the the Job Board Push tab. No saving is required.


Step Four: Job Board Push

The Job Board Push page allows you to push your job out to any of your saved job board favorites. By clicking on Save Additional Job Board Selections, it will schedule your jobs to be pushed to those job boards. Any job boards requiring payment will be pushed to those job boards after payment is received.


Step Five: Social Marketing

The Social Marketing tab allows you to share your job to social media or post your job to Craigslist.


If you have any questions please contact