5-Star Rating Feature

The 5-Star Rating option is a free feature that is available to all clients, Admin users can simply contact the Support Team to have it enabled on your account. This feature works just like ratings you see for hotels, restaurants and other services, but is for rating applicants.

Using 5-Star Rating

All users except for Viewing Managers will be able to "rate" applicants they have access to by clicking the My Rating stars within the applicant record. The timeline will record each users' rating.

All users will be able to see their own "My Rating" and the Average Rating for each applicant. The average is based on:


You can sort applicants by their Average Star Rating by clicking the Avg Rating column header to sort in ascending order. Click the header again to re-sort in descending order.

Finally, you can sort by Star Rating by choosing this option from the Sort By drop-down within the applicant record.


Admin users can click Reports in the top header and will find a Star Rating Report in the Standard Report list. They also can add the Star Rating data into a custom report created with the Report Builder feature. 

Update search criteria and adjust any filters as needed and click Search.

You can click Bookmark This Report to save this report in your PrevueAPS bookmarks.

Click the Bookmark icon in the upper right corner of any main PrevueAPS page to return to your bookmarked pages in PrevueAPS.

Common Questions

Can you sort by the five-star rating of applicants? 

Yes; when trying to sort applications on either the Applicants or Jobs dashboard, there is an option in the Sort By drop down listed as “Avg Star Rating”. An additional method is clicking on the title at the top of the desired field. This will change the list of applicants to sort in ascending order. Click the title again to alternate with descending order.

Can I pull a report based on applicants' five-star rating?

Yes, Admin users can click Reports in the top header and will find a Star Rating Report in the Standard Report list as well as the ability to add the Star Rating data into a custom report created with the Report Builder feature.

This isn't exactly what I wanted. Do you have any other Rating options?

If this isn't exactly what you're looking for, check out our Rating Feature. This feature is most commonly used for clients who use a different or more complex Rating system or want a separate Disposition Code. While the feature is called "Rating", the Support Team can rename it appropriately. If you are using this feature for to disposition applicants, the Support Team can name it "Dispositions", "Disposition Code", "Reason Not Hired", etc.