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How to Invite Candidates to Complete an Assessment Using Candidates

Candidates is the hub where all candidate data is stored. It lets you quickly add a new candidate, which comes with the option to send out an assessment invite by linking the candidate to an available position. Not sure which position to assign your candidate to yet? That's fine too. You can always create the candidate first and invite them to take the assessment later. 


STEP 1: Access Candidates

Click on the <Candidates> menu item on the toolbar. 


STEP 2: Add a New Candidate to PrevueHub

Click on the <Add New Candidate> button. 


STEP 3: Enter Candidate Information

Enter the candidate's First Name, Last Name, and Email. Then click <Next>.


STEP 4: Send Assessment Invite

A position has to be linked to the candidate before an assessment invitation gets sent out. This is to ensure that a proper benchmark is attached to the report once completed. Choose and select the available position from the drop-down menu, then click <Create & Invite>. An invitation will be sent to the candidate via email to complete the assessment. 



(Optional) Send Assessment Invite Later

In the case that you would like to create the candidate first and invite them to take the assessment later, repeat STEP 1 to STEP 3 and continue as follows.


STEP 4: Create a New Candidate

Click <Just Create> to create a new candidate without sending them an assessment. 


STEP 5: Link the Candidate to a Position and Send Assessment

When you feel ready to send the candidate an assessment, return to Candidates. From there, you can link the candidate to the desired position and send out an assessment invite.

  • In the Candidates dashboard, find the candidate you want and click <View>. You may utilize Filters on the side panel to sort through your candidates
  • On the left panel under the Candidate Details tab, select Positions
  • Click <Add Position> to link the candidate to an existing position
  • Once the appropriate position is selected, click <Confirm Position to Add>. The candidate will be added to the position and an assessment invitation will be sent to the candidate automatically