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Dealing with Test Anxiety

The very idea of taking a test can result in some form of anxiety in many people. Even those who are used to taking formal exams likely suffer some degree of nervousness. This is perfectly natural, especially when your responses to a test can affect your employment prospects.

To some extent, some anxiety actually improves test performance. The trick is to manage it so it doesn’t reach an unacceptable level. The best way to control test anxiety is to know what to expect. The information you’re about to read will mentally prepare you for what we promise are actually very straightforward tests.

First, we’ll give you some general suggestions that can apply to any kind of assessment. Second, we’ll provide some tips that apply specifically to the Prevue Assessments you’ve been assigned.

Here are some general tips to follow in completing your Prevue Assessments:

  • Improve performance by being properly nourished and rested before taking any type of assessment.
  • If you're feeling overly anxious before you start, take a couple of deep breaths and try to relax. Consider taking a brisk fifteen minute walk to put yourself in a good frame of mind.
  • Try to stay relaxed during the test. Look around occasionally, and be aware of any tension in your limbs, neck or shoulders. Take some more deep breaths, and rest your eyes or stretch your legs. This will help break any tension that may have been building up between questions.
  • Read the instructions and each question carefully. You can't get the correct answers to questions you don't understand, so take extra time to make sure everything makes sense to you before you move on.